Same-day glasses

Same-day glasses

Quick same day glasses in Jumeirah, Dubai

Glasses are a means for you to achieve your highest potential. They may get damaged, lost or you might even need a new prescription. So what happens you are in need of a new pair? or a quick lens replacement. Don’t worry Nuova Optics has got you covered. We area full service optical where you can have a comprehensive eye test, select a pair of frames and have your new glasses ready all in one visit! Time is a valuable resources and we don’t want your impaired vision standing in the way of your success.

We have certified opticians who can test your eyes to double check your prescription and highly trained lab technicians who can quickly get your glasses ready in our on-site laboratory. Visit Nuova Optics at Al Fattan Tower, JBR or Jumeirah Market City, Madinat Jumeira.

Customer is priority number 1 for us. This is the advantage of our same day service:

  • We have lens of almost all prescription ready.
  • Each lens is of high quality finished with cutting-edge techniques.
  • We have a wide assortment of stylish and fashionable optical frames from branded companies.

Same day glasses are eyeglasses that can be produced and dispensed on the same day that they are ordered. This can be a convenient option for people who need glasses quickly, such as those who have lost or damaged their previous pair, or who have recently had a change in their eyeglass prescription.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether same day glasses are the right choice for you. One is cost: same day glasses may be more expensive than ordering glasses through a traditional retailer or online store, since they are produced and dispensed in a shorter time frame. Additionally, the selection of frames and lens options may be more limited with same day glasses, as the eyeglass laboratory will only have a certain number of frames and lens materials available for same day production.

At Nuova Optics Jumeirah we do not charge extra for same day glasses as we have an inventory of all prescription readily available and we also have onsite optical lab that can prepare your glasses in a jiffy.