RTA Eye Test for Driving License in Dubai: All you need to know

Before you can renew your driving license or apply for a new driving license you’ll need to complete the RTA Eye Test, a crucial step in ensuring road safety. At Nuova Optics, conveniently located in the Al Fattan Marine Towers Jumeirah and Souk Madinat Jumeirah, we are committed to providing you the best experience for eye test.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Read this helpful document on Applying for renewal of driving license.
  2. You would need to carry a valid Emirates ID for this test. Here is a sample: sample emirates id for rta eye test
  3. Visit any RTA approved eye test center (aka RTA trusted agent):
  4. The RTA eye testing center will have a specialized device to scan your Emirates ID. emirates id scanner for rta eye test
  5. The first step is to get your average power/number (refractive) using a computerized eye test. Below is an image of the computerized eye test. computerized eye test for rta eye test
  6. The optometrist will next evaluate your power for both eyes using trial frames and a snellen chart/e chart. This will give an accurate measurement of the refractive index. trail frames for rta eye test e chart test for rta eye test
  7. Next, the optometrist will evaluate your color vision using the Ishihara test using ishihara number and path plates to distinguish colors as per RTA guidelines. ishihara plate for tracing path ishihara plate for 74. ishihara plate for 42
  8. Based on the tests above the optometrist can either approve your RTA eye test or categorize you as suffering a disability if unable to meet the official requirements set by the RTA (Click here to download the Medical standards for the assessment of drivers issues by the RTA & DHA of dubai).
  9. Once you have been approved by the optometrist you would need to pay an amount of 140 AED to 190 AED depending upon the location to get the certificate.


Once payment is done, the optometrist will print out a certificate which you can then use to apply for driving license or renew your existing driving license. The certificate has details such as your Emirates ID, Driving license number(for renewal) and the eye test result. Here is a sample of the certificate:

sample certificate of rta eye test for driving license

If you are done with this process, congratulations! You have completed the RTA eye test for driving license.

Nuova Optics is a well known eyewear company who specialize in RTA eye test. If you are in Jumeirah and you need to an RTA eye test for renewing or applying for a driving license you must visit any of our locations.

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