Eye test for driving license

In order to get a driving license or renew a driving license in UAE you would need get an RTA (Roads & Transport Authority) approved eye test done by a trusted optician. All Nuova Optics are recognised by Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai for eye test and the eye test results are also uploaded by us to the RTA portal.

Nuova Optics is one of the few RTA approved agent for conducting eye test in Jumeirah.

A Full Eye Examination Conducted During The Driving Eye Test Is The Same As What Is Conducted During A Routine Eye Test. It Consists Of History Taking, Visual Acuity Measurement, An External Examination Of The Eye Like External Muscles Motility Test Followed By Specific Tests For Evaluating The Eye Health, Color Vision Test (Ishihara Test), Pupil Function, Refraction, And Slit-Lamp Examination.

Depending Upon The Vision Assessment In Each Eye, You Will Be Allowed To Proceed With The Driving License Test Or Renewal.

There Is A Criterion Set Towards The Minimum Requirement Of Vision During The Driving Eye Test, Without Which The Person Is Not Entitled To Drive On The UAE Roads.

Our online eye test is designed to help you determine if your vision meets the minimum requirements for obtaining a driving license. The test consists of a series of visual acuity and color perception tests that will evaluate your ability to see clearly and accurately.

To begin the test, simply follow the instructions on the screen and complete each task as directed. You will need to wear your glasses or contact lenses, if applicable, during the test. If you are unable to complete a task, or if you experience any difficulty, please inform the testing administrator immediately.

Upon completion of the test, you will receive a report indicating whether or not your vision meets the standards for driving. If your vision does not meet the necessary requirements, you may be required to undergo additional testing or seek treatment before you can obtain a driving license.